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Digital & GalacticCreative Studio
„CRITCH® develops, designs and delivers creative websites, global projects and galactic campaigns that drive results, build awareness and win awards“ by Michael Freitag

Our work never brags, but it sure loves to speak for itself.

Interstellar Web Services

Over 15 years of experience in web development & design, campaign creation, online marketing consulting, as well as outstanding and scalable investments in web projects and research and development of new technology, all composed of a team of brilliant developers, researchers, and entrepreneurs based in Munich, Germany.

For the wise man looks into space and he knows there is no limited dimensions.

Still Not


Our own


We reach hundreds of millions of people worldwide with our own award-winning projects and grow from failures and successes in our endeavors. Inspired by the infinite universe and the secrets of the galaxies. We also invest in external and innovative websites and mobile apps with Critch Capital.

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Mobile Push Ad Network with more than 315 million unique users
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IT BOLTWISE® – First AI magazine in Germany
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Popcorntimes® – Streaming platform for classics
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FREITAG® Immobilien – Real estate brand creation
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«Urlaubspartner» – First travel buddy community worldwide


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